Keys to the Streets brings delight and surprise to Vancouver’s public spaces by providing vibrantly painted pianos for everyone to play. The pianos offer a space for improvisational gatherings, spontaneous connections, and celebrations of music. Our pianos are painted by local artists and placed in an outdoor public space, where community stewards look after them for the summer months. These pianos aim to create a space that makes Vancouver a more vibrant, engaged, and interactive city. The pianos provided help to address the issue of social isolation in Vancouver by providing spaces that allow and encourage connections between many demographics, all levels of musical skill, and those that simply listen. Keys to the Streets started as a CityStudio student idea in the spring of 2013 and once launched, spurred a flurry of media and community praise. It has since been identified as one the most engaging and accessible projects in Vancouver by community members, media, tourists and music makers of all types. With the blessing and support of CityStudio, Keys to the Streets is transitioning into its own entity, keeping true to its roots as a student project that took a chance, put a piano in a park, and sat back to watch the magic happen. Onwards and Upwards! - Aaron Tilston-Redican & Becky Till



Artists Curated by Drew Young


Brandlive and Livenation present the inaugural year of Squamish Valley Music Festival’s Visual Arts Program. The organizers have teamed up with local artist/curator Drew Young, to produce a robust site-wide program. The instalations were produced by 40+ locally/internationally celebrated artists, specializing in a wide spectrum artistic disciplines. Festival-goers engage immediately with 100’+ of sculptural works at main gates. Their course continues by installations including a massive rendition of this year’s Poly Bear mascot and ultimately arrive at the VA Program’s mecca - The Art Pavilion. The Pavilion is a 3-tiered arts castle; providing attendees a constantly evolving day/night arts experience and incredible vantage points for performances. The structure is wrapped in 20 live-painting murals and houses one of the world’s largest mechanized kaleidoscopes. At night it’s look is illuminated by an incredible light/laser display and a 40’ one-of-a-kind psychedelic interactive animation wall. This festival has become the playground the West Coast art community deserves. Executive Producer: Paul Runnels Creative Director/Curator: Drew Young Project Manager: Jackie Sakaguchi Site Director: Isaac Kinakin Lighting: Jason McKinnon POLY BEAR Concept: Drew Young Fabrication: Aaron Gullmes Animation/VJ: Jonny Ostrem Bear Design: Jeremiah Shaw Schematics: Drew Young, Jonny Ostrem REACTIVE WALL Concept: Jonny Ostrem Animation/VJ: Jonny Ostrem KALEIDOSCOPE Concept: Drew Young Design: Brayden Eshuis, Christian Honetschlager Fabrication: Christian Honetschlager ART PAVILION Concept: Drew Young Layout: Drew Young Managers: Lucy Cameron, Nick Pound Muralists: Ilya Viryachev Drew Young Tierney Milne Shannon Elliott James Knight ISREK Peter Ricq Alison Woodward Ali Bruce Lauren Coutts Brent clowater Colin Moore Ben Knight Mark Illing TIKTOK Lucy Cameron Karston Smith Taka Sudo Ben Tour Mandy Tsung Russell Alton Dylan Humphreys GATES Design: Drew Young Fabrication: Aaron Gullmes Murals: Colin Moore, James Knight, Brayden Eshuis Schematics: Drew Young Signage: James Knight, Eidan Gidon VIDEO Camera: Joe Klymkiw, JOI Productions Edit: Drew Young Music: Runnin - GANG SIGNS (STINT Remix)


Local art scene meets craft beer. An UnTapped Craft Imports & El Kartel collaboration night of awesome one of a kind growler art, dj's, dancing, tasty Oregon craft beer from Worthy Brewing & a whole lotta fun.


“Now that my cigarettes, lighter, cell phone, note pad, and water bottle are placed beside me, properly spaced with perfect parallels, and the music volume is just right, let’s get started.” 


"So far, my top of the top has got to be my exhibition at Fresh Paint Gallery in Montreal. The show came at a great time, when I was very creatively charged and ready to invest in a big project. It was great to meet and work alongside a lot of awesome people" - excerpt from Ion Magazine interview

As an exhibition, education and events hub, Fresh Paint Gallery aims to balance cultural and formative elements with the objective of promoting and encouraging the practices of Graffiti and Street Art.


Beaux Degats exists for the simple reason of bringing back what has been too long forgotten or ignored by commercial and private art institutions. These battles bring us back to the reality of the artists, graffiti writers, street artists, which is that of community, accessibility, sharing, and the acceptance that, by nature, everything which is created is ephemeral. During two hours, six teams of artists, coming from different backgrounds, compete on a large scale format based on two imposed thematics. While street artists, graffiti writers, and visual artists work on their creation, the public votes for their favourite mural.


Mural done for Crudessence
Videography & Editing by Shane Day