Jake Johnston, also known as ‘TikTok’, is an Abstract Geometric Artist currently working out of Slice of Life Gallery & Studios in Vancouver, BC.

His youthful mischievousness would initially enter him into the world of Art via the avenue of Graffiti, teaching him the tools and techniques that are currently used in his paintings today.

In 2010, a 2 year Graphic Design course taken at The Pacific Design Academy in Victoria BC would forever alter his approach to configuration, and give him new means by which to produce, promote, and capture his work. After achieving his diploma, TikTok would take the leap from his home town and make the move to Montreal QC, which would prove to be an exceptionally formative experience for him.

In 2014 TikTok would return to the West Coast and call Vancouver home. If Montreal was a place of revelation, then Vancouver would become the hallmark of commitment to his craft with the focus of turning a hobby into a career.

Using masking techniques and spray paint to form his compositions, usually over stained wood grain panels, or laser cut MDF, his approach to execution shows a disciplined workmanship that mirrors his ‘everything in its right place’ habits.

TikTok’s striking assemblage and finite execution can be summarized as nothing short of meticulous.